Resistance Bands by Wu Aesthetics

Resistance Bands by Wu Aesthetics

My favorite way to take my workouts to the next level are with the Wu Body Resistance Bands by Wu Aesthetics

• Durable and elastic

• Add variety to your workout 

• Great for travel and easy to store

• Constructed of a high quality certified mix of polyester and non-slip latex silk fabric


I love these resistance bands because they are built to last and maintain elasticity over years of dedicated use. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete, you can use them in a variety of ways as glute bands, squat bands, or thigh bands. The great part is that you do not need a gym to use these resistance bands for exercise. The material is amazing because it prevents rolling, sliding, and popping. They also contain a top notch design including impeccable stitching, thickened material, and consistent length. 


Suitable for a variety of exercises including:

• Band Walks
• Lunges
• Hip Raises
• Clamshells
• Squats
• Straight Leg Raises
• Standing hip abduction
• Hip thrust
• Seated band abduction
• Glute bridges
• Squat arabesque
• Lying side leg raises


Each color represents a different resistance, so you are constantly challenging you muscles and adding the appropriate resistance:

Black- 25 lb

Grey- 40lb

Lilac- 55lb



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