2 Week Fab Abs Program

2 Week Fab Abs Program

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2 Week Fab Abs Program

This collaboration between myself, Emily Simpson from The Real Housewives of Orange County and my trainer Paulina, Owner of Paulina Fitness features a core focused workout program that is designed to help you tone, strengthen, and flatten your tummy in just 14 days! It includes our tips to a tighter tummy, a detailed 2 week workout calendar, as well as step-by-step core targeted ab workouts.

Click here to get the full package which includes both the program and 7 workout videos. You can also add any/or all of following workout videos to incorporate in between ab days as outlined in the program calendar:


If you like the 2 week program, why stop now? Keep up the momentum and head over to www.PaulinaFitness.com to keep the momentum going. Check out her program offerings and online coaching to continue your journey!

Visit PaulinaFitness.com
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