While I've changed physically, I have also most importantly changed mentally. Motivation comes from you and only you. So dig deep, remember you're worth it and also remember that getting healthy and strong is a journey. There’s no magic pill, just the magic of you! Find that MOTIVATION within yourself.

I've also learned that the key to long term results is CONSISTENCY. If you're consistently active and making good nutrition choices, you will notice small changes, which will eventually add up to big results!

My journey is FAR from over and far from perfect. I have my own struggles. We all do. However, I am thankful I have the guidance, support, and ACCOUNTABILITY to constantly fuel my fire to become the best version of me! My trainer is that person. She's the one who is ALWAYS in my corner, cheering me on, and keeping me on track.

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my first step was contacting
paulina fitness

Meet my trainer Paulina, a Fitness Professional, Nutritionist, and Online Coach based out of Southern California. Quite honestly, reaching out to her was one of the best decisions I've made for myself to get motivated to change!

She is a loving wife, Mom of a 2.5 year old (with a second second son on the way), and the owner of Paulina Fitness. Paulina's passion helps others reach their goals by using creative training techniques and extensive nutritional knowledge. Her philosophy aims to allow you to reach your health and fitness goals, while also maintaining your social life and sense of spontaneity. 

We're so excited you're here and hope you love this resource. If you'd like to take it to the next level, I'd strongly encourage you to check out her website, featuring online coaching, programs, recipes, and ebooks.


take it to the next level with PAULINA!

12 Week Program (with coaching)


This 12 Week Online Program designed specifically for women. Not only will it help you shed weight, but it will also teach you how to eat and exercise efficiently and effectively! You will be held accountable with Paulina's online coaching with weekly checkins, weekly goal setting, and text support.

The average weight loss on this program is 25 lbs. Clients have the ability to lose up to 60 lbs in 12 weeks.


12 week program
12 Week Ebook (with no coaching)


This 12 Week Ebook consists of a program designed especially to help you look and feel your absolute best! While it does not include 1-on-1 coaching, it is recommended for someone who is self motivated and wants to see results! It can help women of all ages, sizes, and shapes lose weight and have a healthy relationship with food and exercise. 

Clients lose anywhere from 5-55 lbs. on this program.


12 week ebook
The Long Term Lifestyle Recipe Ebook


As a busy mom, wife, and business owner, my time for cooking extravagant meals is limited. I created this recipe book to help you create delicious, easy, and healthy meals all under 500 calories. Follow the recipes, or add a personal spin on them, to create amazing meals that the whole family can enjoy.

Includes 20 Recipes! All Dairy Free, Soy Free, and Gluten Free (featuring 2 of Emily's most favorite "Paulina Approved" meals).


recipe ebook

Let's do this!

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A week, a month or a year will pass by regardless, so use the time to get up and move and make good choices! You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish with small changes.

Emily Simpson

Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a lifelong journey. Focus on doing 1 thing better than the day before and watch your body and mind transform before your own eyes.

Paulina Fitness